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If you or a family member needs legal representation for a matter related to estate law, elder law, or special needs planning, the Palm Beach County probate lawyers at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. are here to help. Estate, elder, and special needs planning are highly specialized areas of law and should be handled only by those with experience in those areas. Stephen Bilkis, Esq. and William T. Toohey, Esq. are highly experienced in handling a diverse range of complex issues affecting seniors and people with special needs as well as those who face matters related to estate planning and administering estates. With over 70 years of combined legal experience, we have the skill, knowledge, and experience of transactional and specialized services, including elder law, estate, fiduciary, and guardianship litigation, estate planning and asset protection, and Medicaid and special needs planning.

Cases We Handle

The Palm Beach County probate lawyers at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. handle matters related to:

Elder Law

Elder law is an aspect of estate law that focuses primarily on the needs of families and individuals as they age. Issues of aging include senior housing and long-term care planning, asset protection, guardianships and health care documents, and Medicare and Medicaid. We help clients with legal matters affecting older individuals including issues related to health care, long term care, estate planning, asset protection, and guardianship. We also represent clients in lawsuits related to seniors, their family members, and those who care for them.

Special Needs Planning

We understand that for those who have loved ones with special needs, planning for their future care is an important part of estate planning. We will help implement strategies that provide financially for loved ones with special needs while also preserving access to public benefits such as Medicaid. We understand this highly technical area of the law that combines aspects of estate planning, guardianship, and government benefits.

Estate Litigation

Even when careful estate planning has taken place, the death of a loved one could lead to legal challenges to a will, a trust, or an arrangement for guardianship. Our goal is to settle disputes quickly through negotiation. However, when litigation is necessary, whether the matter is a will contest, fiduciary dispute, contested creditor’s claim, or other disputed issue, we have the knowledge and experience to litigate on behalf of our clients and ensure that their interests are protected.

Asset Protection and Long-Term Care Planning

We are here to help our clients protect their accumulated wealth from depletion through asset protection strategies. The goal of asset protection is to legally shield assets from creditors. Another form of asset protection, Medicaid and long-term care planning involves developing strategies that will help ensure our clients remain in compliance with the income and asset restrictions of Medicaid while protecting accumulated wealth.

Guardianship and Guardianship Litigation

Whether it is to protect the welfare of a minor or to care for an adult who is unable to make decisions for themselves, we help our clients determine the appropriate type of guardianship and help them set it up. In addition, if necessary, we have the skill and experience to litigate issues related to guardianship disputes such as petitions to determine capacity or disputes related to the scope of a guardianship. We can also assist guardians with court filings and accountings as well as represent their interests in court.

Estate Planning

At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC., we have the skill and experience to create a will that memorializes your wishes for your estate once you pass away. However, we are here to do more than that. We understand that estate planning is more than writing a will. It is creating an overall plan that may include a variety of documents. After listening to your wishes and understanding your financial picture as well as your wishes for your family, we will help ensure that your property is protected, your loved ones are cared for, and that your interests are protected as you age. We will help you create a plan that may include a will, trusts, advanced directives, powers of attorney, as well as other documents.

Probate and Estate Administration

We represent clients through all phases of the probate and administration processes, including initiating probate, managing the estate during administration, dealing with claims against the estate, filing accountings, and asset distribution. Oftentimes when a person is appointed executor or administrator of an estate, they have very little prior experience and may be unfamiliar with the legal requirements of the job. Our experienced probate attorneys serving Palm Beach County will help you satisfy the requirements of the probate court and successfully settle the estate. This includes helping with a variety of required tasks such as preparing and filing all the necessary documents to initiate the probate proceeding, preparing and filing any responses required by the court, helping prepare and filing required accountings, making sure that all estate debts are paid and tax obligations are satisfied, and overseeing the orderly distribution of assets according to the terms of the will or the rules of intestate succession.

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If you are facing a legal matter related to probate or planning for the possibility of disability or incapacity, we can help. We can also help disabled and senior clients and their families to avoid financial and emotional hardships caused by the escalating costs of long-term care. Our goal is to ensure that clients maintain their right to make health care decisions and to avoid unnecessary medical treatment. In addition, we make sure that our clients last wishes are followed through appropriate planning and expertly handling matters related to administration.

With over 7 decades of combined experience in estate law, elder law, and special needs planning, the experienced probate attorneys in Palm Beach County at the Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. are uniquely qualified to handle your legal needs. Contact us at 561-710-4000 for a free no obligation consultation. We give our clients individualized attention.